DAY 147


The Action Replay DS is specifically designed for use with the Nintendo DS. It is used to enhance a game, usually by giving the player extreme advantages not normally obtainable. It allows users to enter cheat codes through a PC application, which are copied to the software. I can't believe this is legal or ethical.

Little Man has been saving his money for some time and finally earned enough to purchase this at Wal-Mart for $19.99 + tax. Now he is obsessed. Most days this is how I find him, DS in hand curled up on his bed. In all fairness, it was a rainy day today, but I've had to start reinforcing the 30 minutes/day rule and no DS before school. I'm not sure what is a fair amount for the summer, but he can't do this all day long. Hopefully we'll be busy enough with other things that it won't be a problem.

He called his cousin Ethan tonight to see if he could help him figure it out. It was very sweet watching them interact on the phone. I can't wait for our reunion next month.

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  1. I know what you mean...the kids have found my Ds, and well they think its a free for all (time wise) gotta set time limits I guess. Never heard of that gadget...I wonder if Alan has! haha I really love your header!!!