Free stuff for all you scrapbookers out there!

This is the mother load! I found this blog that is dedicated to nothing except finding free scrapbooking supplies, mostly digital but some paper. It's great for scrapbookers, but can also be used for all sorts of projects. There's templates, borders, paper, kits, embellishments, brushes, etc. I've had fun checking out her links. She puts updated freebies almost everyday in a wide variety. Most of the links are to designer's blogs who just want to share their free templates and kits. It's amazing!! There are so many talented people out there. Some of the links are to stores giving freebies or discontinuing items. I used one of the free kits for my mother's day page. You can find her blog here. For those of you looking at this via email and cannot connect to the link, go to This was too good to keep all to myself. Enjoy!!


  1. THANK YOU!!!!! I need some vaa-va-voom for my pages!!! :)

  2. hey LOVE the count down on the side!!! hahaha :)