Need Help with Choosing and Storing Pics


I've already posted a picture for DAY 122, but it took me quite a while to decide; hence the late post. Towards the end of the game I sped up the shutter speed and the results were better. This photo is nothing special, but it's a better photo. The subjects are more crisp. The photos I actually chose were more meaningful - a winning kick that made a goal; a more assertive approach on the field.

What are your thoughts? Do I choose with my head or my heart? And you thought voting for one a month is hard. Try choosing one a day.

I actually have been working on trying to download all of my pictures from my external hard drive to some DVDs. I gave up on CDs. It's taken me 2 days and I managed to get 2 1/2 months done. I'm still working on the 2nd half of March. I think I'm averaging 1500 pics/month. Haldan wants me to delete more, but I can't make myself push that button. I'd rather save them all. I have deleted some, but it's painful. My DVDs are holding about 900-1200 pics depending on the size of the files. Any other great ideas on photo storage?


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  2. Picture dilemma... Are you trying to have great picture or great memories? That is the question I'm trying to focus on when I scrapbook. So let that question answer your heart or head question.

    As for picture storage... I'm with Haldan on deleting more pictures. Of course trash the terrible ones (the ones that are easy to delete). Then trash the ones that are 'nice' but don't really say anything thing.

    After that... it's up to you. How do you plan on using the pictures someday? And, how much space to do want to allocate to storing 1,000s of pictures with no written down story to go with them? Let the answers to those questions guide you forward in storing your photos.