DAY 159


"Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness." -John Wesley

A momentous occasion happened today. This is the first day Pokey voluntarily got in the shower of her own free will. She came home and removed her socks right away and put on new. Then she called me into her room to let me know she needed a shower. She had a funny face and I thought perhaps she had maybe had an accident. She replied, "My feet stink. I put on new socks and they still smell." So she showered. She scrubbed those things several times and they still smelled after her shower. This has her very concerned. Perhaps I should try some fungal cream? Hygiene has never been up there on her list of priorities. Maybe there's hope after all.


  1. Vinegar helps neutralize those pesky body odors.

  2. haha poor girl! It is funny though to see her so concerned...there's not a boy in the horizon is there?! :)