Project Alicia

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAY 161


"Chalk is a form of limestone which is distinguished by its relative purity and close, fine grain. The chemical formula for chalk is CaCO3. Its primary ingredient is ancient fossilized sea organisms, so chalk deposits often occur in areas which were once underwater, as the mineral forms through centuries of deposition of dead sea creatures at very high pressure. Rocks which form through the deposition of sediments and other materials are known as sedimentary rocks. Although we think of chalk as a very soft mineral, it is in fact remarkably resistant to weathering. This trait led to the formation of the famous White Cliffs of Dover."



Today was the kid's last full day of school. We are almost there. Dang those snow days. The rain held off and the kids were able to walk home. This was a cute site seeing them sprint to play with their neighbor friend.

And DON'T FORGET TO VOTE for May favorites!!!!

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