DAY 166


"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." -Franklin P. Jones

They look so cute and innocent and yet I wanted to wring their necks! Hopefully it's just a phase. It was one of those days today. It's only day 2 of summer break and I think I'm in trouble. We had a full day. Highlights include: chores, math, run at Cedar Lake Trail, pool, visit with new baby Rose and Garbetts, McD's and park. I'm trying to keep them busy and yet they still want to fight and pick and whine.

When I got up the kids were already playing Webkinz and no one was dressed, they hadn't eaten yet, Pokey hadn't made her bed, and no chores were done. Not a great start to the day. The run went pretty well this morning. Pokey actually rode her bike with Haldan and Little Man ran with me. It's pretty sad that a 36 year old woman can hardly keep up with her 9 year old son. It could be partially due to not being 100% yet. It was a good run. This was our 3rd day at the pool. We're trying to get as much use out of that pass before we leave as possible, but it was again cool and cloudy and not much fun. When I decided it was time to go due to rain drops I couldn't get Pokey to get out of the water. I had to literally leave before she would get out. The visit with Angie and Rose was mortifiying. It was probably only 30 minutes, but Little Man must have said he was hungry or bored at least a half dozen times. Then Pokey chimed in. I can't believe the B(ored) word has already come out so soon. Where is their resourcefulness and imagination? They are so spoiled. I don't remember my mom taking us to the pool everyday or worrying about entertainment. We had to find things to do. I shouldn't have treated the kids to McD's or the park, but I didn't feel like cooking and the sun had finally come out and it was a beautiful night. I hate punishments that punish me more than them. So, I promised them conseqences would come tomorrow, probably time in their room. Maybe I need harsher consequences or more immediate consequences. Perhaps I need to find time to finish reading the Love and Logic book my in-laws got me for Christmas. I got about half way through it and then life took over. Maybe there's more answers to come. After the park we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a couple things for the trip and I lost Pokey before we got out of the store. I was starting to panic right when she appeared. There are rules. Stay where I can see you. If you can't see me, I can't see you. How hard is this? I tried to give them shopping assignments and yet they still managed to fight and be disobedient. When does this end? Does it ever end?

By the way, all my pics today were taken with my point and shoot. While at the park in Hiawatha tonight I was glad to have it. I accidentally had it unknowingly set to a panoramic setting. And no, I didn't mean to line Little Man and Pokey up with the blue and yellow behind them. Just dumb luck. In fact, I didn't notice it until I downloaded them.


  1. ok I shouldn't be giggling but I am C: I am going through this with em and zoie and if they make it on the plane alive it will be a miracle. They always seem to know the perfect moment to be naughty and they let it rip! We are super excited to see you guys C: hope your up for it.

  2. I should call you and tell you the story of what we did to Gabriel to get him to take the "if you can't see me, I can't see you" seriously! Have you heard of the Safe Side 'Stranger Safety" DVDs? I HIGHLY recommend the two, although I don't know if your kids are online yet:

    And don't worry about that day we saw you: kids are kids. Your two didn't do anything I haven't seen Gabe do already (e.g. "I'm bored... (30 seconds later) I'm bored!" and the "when are we gunna leave already?!")

    oh and yeah, one more thing: Rose or Juliette, either work. :)