DAY 177


"Home is the place where we grumble the most and are loved the best."

I never was as happy to see that Iowa sign as I was today after our 13 hour drive. Home sweet home.

The Barnes Reunion was fun, loud, busy, and extremely chaotic. Imagine 18 grandchildren, 17 of which are 12 or under all under one roof... that'll give you a little better picture. Not all of them could make it this time. Those not there were missed, but there were plenty of cousins to hang with.

Highlights include: the hike in the rain, Pokey being dared to do a swirly and actually doing it, killing a snake in the road while driving over one of the scariest mountain passes ever due to missing a turn, watching little man race a go cart with extreme passion and zip into 1st place at the very last second, my first rafting trip with the kids, the overly crowded aquarium, doing morning walks up the steep roads with my sisters, trying to get a wi-fi connection to post my pictures of the day, swimming with nieces and nephews, all 6 of us kids being together, celebration of father's day, wading in the river with giant boulders, Little Man storming off in the park by himself, and the log home that accomodated all of us in a picturesque setting. Thanks Nate for putting this together.

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