DAY 190


Toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads. Frogs and toads all belong to the “frog” order, called Anura, which is divided into families. The “true frog” family is called “Ranidae,” and the “true toad” family is called Bufonidae.

Toads are different from frogs in six ways:
1. Squat bodies with short hind legs

2. Dry, bumpy skin

3. Glands that secrete toxins

4. Tiny teeth on the lower jaw

5. Structure of chest cartilage

6. Laying of eggs in long strings of jelly

In other news, we finally had a boring day. I would say boring summer day, but the temps have been so cool it hasn't felt much like summer. We all slept in and managed to make it to the tail end of playgroup at Jacolyn Park where Little Man spent an hour building sand castles, the kids weeded the yard to earn a little money, Pokey caught a much treasured toad while weeding (which became the coveted pet for the day), the kids swam in Emma's pool, and we watched "Heidi" on demand with root beer floats to close our day.

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  1. sometimes boring days are nice and needed C: I like the picture.