DAY 191


“Good relationships get in big fights over big things and little fights over little things, but great relationships get in big fights over little things and little fights over big things.”

I thought a quote about fighting would be appropriate for this pic because the kids never made it to the end of this game. Pokey started whining when Little Man took two of her checkers in one turn. She thought that was unfair. Her whine turned into a cry and it lasted long enough to earn her an hour in her room. Maybe the evening swim time slot is too late for the kids. They totally have me miffed. This morning upon waking I found them playing together nicely in the playroom. I told them they needed to do their chores. They promptly told me they were already done. They earned 4 legos each for our "building a firm foundation" bucket for a wonderful morning. But in a split second it can all turn. They remind me of Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. Don't know if they are too much alike or too different, but nice moments are short lived around here lately. I'm not quite sure how else to encourage kindness. I'm hoping it's just a phase and that one day they can be friends for longer than moments. On a side note, Little Man is really good at checkers these days. He beat me twice earlier in the day. The 2nd time I gave it a little more thought and he still beat me. It's a little embarrassing.

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