DAY 192


"Life is a rough biography. Memories smooth out the edges." -Dante G. Roque

This POTD (pic of the day) is definitely more about the memory than the photo. My sister Tonya and her family stopped through on their way to Colorado. They made it around 2:30PM and we hung out for a while at the house, had dinner, and then decided to take the boat out on the river for a quick spin. Before we even got out on the water there was someone in need of a jump, so Dave stayed behind and helped for about 20 minutes trying to help. We made a quick loop and then there was a boat in distress. Haldan slammed on the brakes (or let off the gas) and about sent me and my camera overboard. That boat had run out of gas and so we gave him a tow back. We hadn't even made another full loop before we found another stranded boat out of gas. Haldan gave him a tow and before we finished the long, slow ride back in the kids had expired. There was hitting and pushing and all sorts of silliness (and naughtiness) going on. They were all ready to get off the boat. While towing the 2nd boat in we saw a 3rd boat rowing his way back to shore. He, too, had run out of gas. If we could have taken the short, fast spin as planned it would have gone over a lot better with the kids, as it was, it was too slow and too long. 3 mph just doesn't cut it with kids!! Haldan says we were paying it forward. I was in no mood to pay it forward today. I guess the moral of the story is: make sure you have plenty of gas.


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  1. ok so this is like my third attempt to post a comment! duh sometimes I hate blogger!! SO as I was saying C: I laughed at this post even though you probably didn't find any humor in it at the time. I can only imaging what the kids were like. At least Griff and Gracie weren't together on that boat for all that! I can't believe so many people were out on their boats with no gas. Don't you usually check that kind of thing before you go somehwere there is no gas stations....hmmm?! well I am sure that it will come around and when you are in need of a bail out someone will be there happy to help. I love the checkers towel such a cute idea. Where did you find that??