DAY 198


"The family that plays together stays together."

Today was the first Friday Haldan's had off in some time. It was a cool day, so we had to think of indoor activities. It was supposed to be a high of 68 degrees, but I don't think it even made that today. It was breezy and it felt more like fall than a summer day in mid July. So, for those of you out there who still believe in global warming, come visit Iowa. We've had record low temps through the winter, particularly February and now tonight we're supposed to see record lows as well. I'm still patiently waiting for the warming part to happen. I'm not sure what to blame this on, perhaps weather trends/patterns, but global warming seems idiotic, at least to me.

They have dollar games every Friday morning til noon at Westdale Bowl, so we decided to take advantage of it. The kids were fun to watch. They both have their own unique style that is undeniably their own. The way Pokey threw the ball always resulted with a strange hook that caused one or two pins to fall down, usually to the right. Little Man had a little more form, but he too would drop the ball at the end which would cause unpredicatable outcomes. Neither of them wanted us to show them differently. Kids can be funny that way. We played two games and they improved a little with the second. The important thing is that we all had some good laughs and we enjoyed our time together, even if we're not pro bowlers.


  1. thats funny, I love how you were able to caputure everyone bowling and put it together C: I'm shocked about your weather
    I can't believe it's so chilly still?! I agree though, global warming my butt!! Hope it warms up soon so you can enjoy some summer activities!!

  2. I love that picture! I don't know a whole lot about global warming, I just know I am nervous to see what the winter brings our way!