DAY 207


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

We went to Grant's Farm today in St Louis. Pokey exhibited a phobia that doesn't even have a known name, at least one I can find... goats! In Pokey's defense these were some very aggressive goats that actually tried to eat my hair and my pants. When Haldan wouldn't lower the bottles down they untied his shoes to try to trick him into bending down.

You wouldn't be able to tell from this picture, but Pokey did manage to overcome her phobia after about 45 minutes. She screamed so loud that we let her go back outside the fenced area. After watching for a while she finally got up the nerve to feed them through the fence. Then we convinced her to come back in. She was still scared and made daddy hold her for some time. It was gradual baby steps, but by the end of our goat visit she brushed them and fed them by herself inside the enclosure. She definitely keeps us on our toes. Never would have seen this one coming. Sure wish I'd captured it on video. This is definitely not the best quality photo, but the memory is priceless. I actually had my camera on the wrong setting when I started shooting, so they turned out very dark.


  1. Tell the little one that I feel her pain. At Sea World, Andy got some fishes to feed the bat rays. They're supposed to gently suck up the fish out of your hand. Um... I held the fishes and tried to feed the baby rays. They weren't hungry and the humongous ones were clamoring for those little sardines. I, well, I... I couldn't feed the fishes. I have video of it. It's pretty funny how scared I was. My sister-in-law just says I'm a city girl. I can't seem to feed animals because they're scary. So, perhaps your daughter can join me in my 'scared city girl' club!

  2. oh the joys of parenthood! haha these unexpected bumps in our road of life! I laugh, only because I went through something similar with Makaya today, although it didn't have anything to do with an animal feeding, but still the same type of thing==getting over phobias. I wasn't very successful. Hopefully, you were. :)

  3. Where was that? That looks like fun to us, luckily my kids aren't to phobic as of yet. We missed you at church yesterday, is everyone okay?

  4. Her face is so funny. You really captured that moment for her!!