DAY 209


“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” -Mark Twain

Today Pokey must have gone down the blue slide at least 5 times. She's come a long way since last summer. Once she makes up her mind there's no stopping her. Now if she would only decide to go down the yellow slide.

In other news:
Our tenants have decided they do not want to purchase the home in October and if we won't extend the lease another year they are moving. We are not sure we can afford to lose another $10,000 to keep them in the home, but if we can't sell it we are in even more trouble. I'm almost positive they never intended to finish the backyard or buy the house. Our contract states that if they don't finish the backyard by Oct 1 they owe us $3,000. Any thoughts?

The kids started swim lessons yesterday and so far so good. Little Man has decided to take the Guppy class over even though he passed it last year. He's not a super confident swimmer and I think it's a good choice. We'll see. Pokey seems to be excelling at a faster pace, but I'm proud of Little Man's improvements and determination. He's finally doing bobs. Not great ones, but they're bobs none the less.

The weather has cooperated and allowed us to have two consecutive pool days, but it looks like cooler weather is in the forcast the next week or so. What's up with this weather?


  1. We are in the same boat, our renters want to buy the home but cannot qualify for a loan (or so they say). I know you've heard they've let our yard get crappy, too. Ugh! I'd send your tenants a bill for not finishing the yard, it's worth a try. If they don't pay, though, I don't know if it would be worth it to sue, never been down that road before. Being a "landlord" sucks!

  2. I am sorry that you are having so much trouble with your rental property. I think that you should send them a reminder of the contract and if possible, try and put it up for sale, after the lease terminates.