DAY 212



The Curse of the Cankers...

("An aphthous ulcer, also known as a canker sore, is a type of oral ulcer, which presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth or upper throat caused by a break in the mucous membrane.")

Over the last 16 plus years I've been with Haldan this has been a common theme in his mouth. The poor guy usually has at least one, often times more than one at a time. I don't know how he copes. I've only had a handful in my entire life and they are nothing like the ones he gets. Sometimes he modifies his food or chews on one side or the other, but there's been very few times that I've actually heard him complain. For those of you who have heard about Haldan's infamous cankers, I posted a picture so you could check one of them out. Pokey has also inherited the curse. She has had numerous canker sores. She just recently got rid of one. She's not as tolerant or quiet about it as Haldan.

While Haldan was in the Navy they used silver nitrate sticks on his canker sores to heal them. He said it hurt like the dickens, but cauterized it and helped it heal faster and hurt less. He's been out of the Navy almost 11 years now and he's been told everything from "they are not approved by the FDA" to "never heard of them". Well, two days ago he had a routine dermatologist appointment and he happened to mention it to his doctor. This young doctor knew exactly what he was talking about and wrote him a prescription. Target pharmacy ordered it in and today I picked them up with a $5 copay. His search is over and tonight he was finally able to use one again. For those of you out there who are also canker sore sufferers you know that there is very little relief available for these ulcer like lesions. Very little is know about their cause, except that they might be hereditary or due to stress or food allergies. Haldan's tried it all: l-lysine, anbesol and many other numbing agents, crushed up aspirin or benadryl to the lesion, etc. Nothing helps them or heals them, but time.

Well, today Little Man joins the "cursed" in this household. He came down with his first canker sore. Haldan says it's in one of the most painful spots, right under the tongue. It rubs against his teeth and makes it painful to speak or chew. If you look closely it's in the front part of his tongue in the first photo above.

I feel so bad that they have to go through this pain so often. Mouths are constantly moist, full of saliva and bacteria. This makes it difficult to not only medicate cankers, but also heal them. We've tried about everything available, but we're always open to new ideas.


  1. I get them too! I think mine is stress induced, since I seem to never be without stress....I used to get them all the time on the side of my tongue, due to my wisdom teeth rubbing up against it, and it was THE WORST!!! Cankers are not very forgiving; always painful!! That's too bad that the kids have them too! I've never heard of what Haldan uses, but my dentist back in Utah told me of Zilactin. I'm not sure if you've ever used it, but it puts a leathery like patch over the sore (its a liquid that dries like this) and it's very helpful with eating...although it does burn until it dries when you put it on...but it usually will work for a full day for me, and it seems like it heals pretty fast too...Anyway, maybe try it if you haven't....if you have...well then oh well for that! hahha Oh so I keep forgetting to tell you, if you're still looking for a great Pediat....We ABSOLUTELY LOVED our Ped. in C.R. Her name is Dr. Svatek at the downtown office of hahaha I forgot the name, but it's the same one everyone goes to (except everyone goes to the one on Edgewood)...anyway, she's great! That's one of our bad things about coming here, because the kids loved her! She was great at making my kids feel comfortable, even Makaya who hates needles, (not that she was a miracle worker in that dept, but Makaya never hated her afterwards, and there was always such a great trusting/great relationship b/w the two) Anyway, and I loved that she remembered things about the kids....Hope that far as other doctors, well I never really found any others that were so impressive. hahaha Sorry!!!

  2. wow talk about a "Comment!" sorry about that!