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Monday, August 03, 2009

DAY 215


Happy Birthday, Pokey!

This isn't her actual birthday, but today we had the friend's party at the Cedar Rapids Bowling Center. With Pokey's baptism and Connor's birthday so close I thought I'd spread it out over a week to allow a couple days between. We have friend parties every other year and we usually do a themed party at home. This year was a little different. Loved the assistant that served drinks, cut the cake, and did all the clean up! Below are the invites we sent for Pokey's party.


I tried to get pictures of Pokey today, but she wasn't all that into it. Maybe I can get some on her actual birthday. I wanted to doctor the photo, but then I realized that all of the imperfections are what makes her who she is. The red rings under her eyes are from her swim goggles (can't swim without them), the red mark on her chin is from opening the gogurt box (a little accident prone), the lack of teeth- attitude! Add a little drama and that's our Pokey!


After a busy day I decided to try this idea I'd seen a while back. It's called "Muffin Tin Mondays". It's meant to be a fun lunch idea, but we actually had it for dinner. Since Haldan started nights we typically have our larger meal for lunch and a lighter one in the evening since it's just the kids and I. I thought this was a fun alternative and a great way to add a few healthier food items. This was just what I could come up with in my house at the last minute. You can find out more about the original "Muffin Tin Mondays" here and see some unique ideas.


I've had a headache for 6 straight days now. The mini adjustment Mike Zmoos gave me last night doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I tried to work out today, but after about 30 minutes I realized I just couldn't do it. Any ideas out there for headache remedies? It would sure make my week ahead more tolerable.

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  1. I have had one for about 4 days now. Today has been totally unbearable, I slept till noon and feel a little better than I did at 2 am when Grace woke me. Are you all better now? What worked?