DAY 218


"An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly." -Gene Perret

Grandpa Rasmussen arrived today and joined the clan. After some BBQ chicken we took the boat out for a joy ride. It turned out to be the same time that the ski team was doing their pyramids and stunts in the water (That's what I call perfectly timed dumb luck). It turned out to be a better boating experience than the last. The kids have really enjoyed having their grandparents around to play with, but I'm sure after a few more days they will be ready to go home.


  1. Funny pic Lish C: I love it!!

  2. I agree with everyone else. That's a funny picture.

  3. OH.... I'm so proud of your 365 project. You've surpassed the 1/2 way point and you're almost to the 3/4 mark. Keep going. You're almost there!!!

  4. Hey I like this version of "Don't Stop Believing" You always find cool music!! (i had to say that first because I knew I'd forget by the end of my comment hahaha)

    That's fun to have family in town! I wish we had visitors!!! And that's funny about the ski team...what lake did you guys go to? Enjoy your company!! :)