DAY 226


"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." -Russell Baker

Pokey went to her friend Brooke's birthday party tonight. She would be the one in back with the glow in the dark goggles. The only one with goggles. I'm glad she was invited because now that her Dad has accepted a job in Arkansas a move is inevitable. She has been a good friend to Pokey and I know she'll be missed.

In other news:
  • Little Man completed his Bear Badge and started Webelos this week.
  • Little Man will end up with some good scars on his hand from his scooter crash. Not great for my family picture plan for next week. It might have to be postponed a little.
  • 3 frogs, 2 butterflies, and 1 katydid were all captured via Little Man's net this week.
  • Haldan passed his 1st of three final exams for his senior reactor operator program. It was a week long exam that included both performance and written portions. The next two matter substantially and are job dependent. He's been putting in tons of study hours, but I'm sure he could use your thoughts and prayers. They are next week and the last week of September (if he passes the second one).
  • Little Man got $40 for his birthday and is dead set on getting a guinea pig. Heaven help us all. I've tried to sway him, but can't think of another pet that is interactive and smells any better. I have a feeling "G-Force" was a contributing factor.
  • Lost Pokey for about 45 minutes this week. The missionaries were in the area and helped find her.
  • Only one week of summer left!


  1. I'll be sad to see the Jarbo's go, but I am glad that Jason found something. Where was Camille? Good luck with the guinea pig, and good luck to Haldan on his exams.

  2. I didn't know about the Jarbo's...I hope this is a great move for them!!! Love you Lisa!!! Wow! What a busy bunch you are!! Hope Haldan does well on his tests!!! And hope C's hand(s) heal!--great job on the Bear Badge, not that I know enough to know if that's great or not, but it must be an accomplishment! :) I'll get there one day! :) And hope your pics turn out great when they happen! :)