DAY 237


"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-Malcolm S. Forbes

It's FINALLY here! We survived yet another summer and the kids are another year older. Today as I watched them leave for school I realized this was the last school year they would both be at this elementary school together. They didn't seem to care much, but it's a big deal to me. They are growing up too fast!

The last picture was one of the first I took at the house (hence, the smiles). The top photo was at the school and by then they were done. I shouldn't have tried classroom pics. I got one of Little Man with a sheet of paper hiding his entire face and Pokey with her hand up and some serious attitude. I guess with all of the anxiety maybe it is too much to have mom taking pictures as well. I should know better by now.

Age: 8
Grade: 3rd
Teacher: Mrs. Patterson & Mrs. Engelbrecht (co-teachers)
Favorite Food: macaroni
Favorite Friends: Abbi, Rachel, and Sierra M., Kate, and Brooke (last 3 have moved away or will be soon)
Favorite Color: periwinkle and lavender
Favorite Character (TV Show): Hannah Montana
Favorite Primary Song: I love To See the Temple
Favorite Song on Radio: Makes Me Wonder by Maroon Five
Favorite Toys: fashion cutter, polly pockets, littlest pet shops
Favorite Activities: monkey bars, splits, catching bugs, playing with friends, and swimming
Favorite Subjects: gym, recess, reading, and science
Personal Style: capris/jeans, skirts, lips gloss
Strengths: funny, determined, passionate, affectionate
Things I'm Working On: biting nails, getting along with brother, whining less
What I Want to Be: Veterinarian, Teacher, babysitter
Height/ Weight: 49 in 59 lbs

Little Man
Age: 10
Grade: 5th
Teacher: Mr. Cornell
Favorite Food: pizza at Olive Garden
Favorite Friends: Eli, Raymond, & Gunner
Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Favorite Character (TV Show): Dillan Sprouse/ Zac & Cody
Favorite Primary Song: Baptism
Favorite Song on Radio: Crazier by Taylor Swift
Favorite Subjects: math, reading, and gym
Favorite Toys: nintendo DS, legos (Star Wars Clone Wars/Agents)
Favorite Activities: soccer, running, fishing, and air hockey
Personal Style: shorts, t-shirts, ball caps
Strengths: attention to detail, cautious, thoughtful, inquisitive
Things I'm Working On: being a better swimmer/runner, getting along with sister, and making a star wars battle
What I Want to Be: Professional Soccer Player, Engineer
Height/ Weight: 53 in 60 lbs


  1. Way cool photos! I have been stalking your site and love the pictures! We lived in Cedar Rapids about 10 years ago. I miss it! My husband and I both went to UNI before that. We miss Iowa, would love to move back.

  2. Well I have to say you are a better mom than me C: I didn't get any pictures of the girls on their first unlike me. I'm regretting it now being Lexi started Jr. High and all oh well. So sad all of Pokey's friends are moving away :C Love the cute pictures!!

  3. I should start doing that questionaire thing with my kids! I think that's a fun idea! And I can only guess at how you feel about your kiddos being in the same school for the last year together...I think I'm running on similar emotions knowing that Makaya's starting school and there's no turning back...can't stop this...and in two or so years time Kason will be following! So sad but I guess they've gotta grow up sometime....too bad they can't revert back to lil' babies sometimes ;) haha