DAY 238


"Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while." -Kin Hubbard

It rained all day; actually poured buckets on the way to school. It was one of those dark mornings that you wish you could pull the covers back over your head and go back to sleep, but being just the second day of school and all I decided to get my lazy behind up. The kids played a little outside before I drove them over to the school. Wish I could have been in on whatever it was that was so funny between them. I love to see that sort of interaction between them though. It has been so rare lately that it's sort of refreshing.

Other updates:

  • Still waiting for the official results of Haldan's exam.
  • The children seem to be liking their new teachers, but Pokey is a little sad about her friends moving. There are very few girls in her class. Both 3rd grade classes seem to be sparse in the girl department.
  • Decided to wait a bit on piano lessons after learning the teacher we wanted was $34/hour. With 1 week of Aug and 4 weeks of Sept and a couple books it came to $200. I guess I want to know they are serious about it before we use a teacher with a music degree. I'm actually thinking about trying to teach them myself... again. Undecided. I'm still not sure how families have 5 or 6 + children in these activites.


  1. I think there is nothing better than your kids getting along and being friends, it's GREAT!

    I am sick of the rain, it's really messing up my new exercise schedule!

    How does Wednesday the 2nd of Sept. sound for hanging out at/with Lisa? Let me know if it doesn't work and we can plan something else.

    When are you supposed to find out about Haldan's exam?

    $34 a hour, WOW!

  2. Adorable pictures C: 35 dollars for an hour of piano!! The best I can get with someone who has a degree is 50 for 30 min. Kids are never serious about wanting to take piano they hate it and then quite and then get mad at us when they are adults for not making them do it lol good luck!!

  3. I'm excited about the piano teacher down the street who charges less than $15 per 1/2 hour per person. She's exactly what we need and also comes to my home because of my allergies. I guess if you add it up, we pay about $40 a week for three lessons, but how many teachers come to your home because you're allergic to their cats?

    Teaching your own kids is hard. Believe me, I know. However, the hardest part is the beginning as they test weather you're really a teacher. Once I get my children to realize I just want them to try, many of the battles were solved. Then we just have to be consistent and firm about my expectations.

    I don't know if any of this helps, I just wanted in on the conversation.

    BTW... if little lady needs a friend, we're available. We also need to schedule the shopping date. When do you think would be good? Email me.