DAY 248


"Sports do not build character. They reveal it." -John Wooden

Little Man has started back to soccer. I'm sure there will be more soccer pics to come- his first game is next week.

Other highlights:
We learned Pokey has an extreme phobia of cobwebs. One morning before school her and Little Man were outside letting two toads go when I heard crying (the kind that sounds serious). I assumed she had gotten hurt, but later learned she had brushed up with a cobweb under the weeping pussy willow. Even after we talked to her the sobbing continued. Hopefully it didn't last long at school. She has some interesting phobias.

Little Man is excited to be the spelling guru in his class. He got the highest score on his spelling pretest. (No surprises there.) He says he gets to check everyone else's tests and sit in the "special chair".

His academics are great, but he's struggling socially. He says he doesn't have friends to play with at recess. This is the same school he's gone to since kindergarten. I know he knows almost everyone in the school, but for some reason is being "shy" as he puts it. I gave him the annual interview on the voice recorder today and he says he has two new friends, so we'll have to see how the next weeks unfold.

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