DAY 251


“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

It's been one of those days... the kind that never seem to end. I didn't sleep well last night and woke to the start of a migraine. The morning started way too early and I quickly showered so I could tend to the children. I worked, came home to swap loads, picked the kids up, did Little Man's piano lesson, provided first aid to neighborhood kids, helped with homework, helped clean the guinea pigs cage, had dinner, broke up feuds, read books, more laundry, tucked kids, tidied the kitchen, gave Pokey medicine, had prayers, and then... I thought about my picture of the day. I'm sure it's an all too familiar tune for most of you moms out there. Haldan has been working until midnight, so when I got home he was already gone. Unless I consciously think about it the POTD is forgotten. Luckily I managed this one today. Life is getting busier and it's getting harder to remember. I'm 2/3 of the way in. I can't stop now.

I do so love this time of year though... It's by far my most favorite season. I remember when I lived in Washington and I would go on drives for the sole purpose of "finding fall". Of course I was always disappointed, as it's soggy and green year round. We have a maple tree in the woods next to us that is always first to turn. It's beautiful right now. So this photo is for those of you who don't get to enjoy Autumn as I do.


  1. I love the fall! I don't so much like the ice that comes after the fall but, the leaves changing is so beautiful!

  2. I think the older I've gotten the more I appreciate fall. I'm so excited for it this year...not sure why! hahaha
    So I think I'm going to take your challenge come New the picture of the day. I find that I am avoiding blogging for weird reasons most of the time, and dragging my feet when it comes to photos and what's going on in life--and just getting behind, I think this will be a good thing for me to do to enjoy life around me again :)
    Anyway, you're doing great! And you can do it!! You have your own personal cheerleaders cheering you to the finish line! :)