DAY 252


Arachnophobes Beware!

So, Little Man brought home this honkin spider a couple days ago in his little cage. I told him he needed to keep that thing outside. (This is not Charlotte.) Right before school today he called me outside. "Mom, ya gotta see this" he said. This is the lovely image I saw. The spider had magically made this egg sack, this ginormous egg sack. So many questions came to mind... How many spiders are in that thing? Should I kill it before it hatches? How did she make it? How long til they come out? What kind of spider is that thing? Not a fan of spiders. Don't mind mice or furry critters, at least most of them. But, hate spiders! My sister Tonya could tell you stories, I'm sure. At one point we lived in this house out in Ackworth, IA in the country. The house was infested with wolf spiders (large furry ones) and Tonya had the downstairs bedroom. She was a brave soul until she saw one of them jump from the floor to her bed. I think she slept upstairs after that. We shared that bathroom in the basement and if we left any particle of clothing on the floor there would be several that would scatter upon removal of the item. We would spray them and they would walk away covered in white foam and live. Don't know how long we lived in that house, but it totally did me in. I decided it must have been their central headquarters. Wish my parents would have got an exterminator. Needless to say, when Little Man brings his crazy looking spiders home I cringe just a little inside, even when they are enclosed. I did a little research and can't figure out what kind of spider this is. Little Man thinks it's a crab spider. Any guesses?

Tonight when we were talking more about the spider the children shared an interesting tale. I would call it a tall tale except that both of them were in on it and that is a rarity around here. They never conspire together and I do vaguely remember them mentioning something about a spider. They said a few days ago they saw a really big spider crossing the road. They tried to pick it up with tweezers (the green ones that come in the bug set) and it popped and all of the babies came out. They said there were tons. Pokey might have said hundreds, which is most likely an exaggeration. Don't know much about spiders, but thinking that number is high. I'm sure it looked like a lot though- not disputing that. The story really grossed me out though.

I was going to post the winners for August, but there appears to be a 3 way tie for 2nd place in the people category and a 2 way tie for 2nd in the nature category. It's also a close one for 1st in that category. Please vote and break these ties!! And thanks to all who have voted in the last few days.


  1. Looks like a garden spider to me.

  2. yep grossed out, but thinking I'm glad it's not me that my child brought that home! I'd completely freak and wonder if I should kill it or not too, or get rid of the egg sack etc... When i was a kid my grandma had a banana tree outside her window, I was going to say the coloring of your spider reminds me of her spider...but that's probably a long shot of a guess. Good luck with this, you'll have to tell us how it goes. And I'm not sure that I'd like to know how many baby spiders are in that sack--meaning I wouldn't wait to find out, I've seen Charlotte's Web, and I'm guessing there's A LOT! haha TOo many for me!!

  3. (I meant to say her spider was a banana spider--but again I'm guessing it's a long shot)