DAY 253


"The one thing children wear out faster than shoes is parents." -John J. Plomp

Little Man came home from school in his "GRUMPY GROOVE" as I like to call it. Once he gets in this groove it's hard to bring him out of it. When I went down to talk with him I found him in his happy place... with his LEGOS. We have dedicated a portion of our unfinished basement entirely to legos. He's been building this fortress for some time now and hopefully it will bring him out of the groove he's in. If not, heaven help me... I'm in for a long night. I was home sick with a stomach thing today and Haldan is again gone. Little Man has been going through a difficult time as of late. I was hopeful that it was just a phase, but now I'm not certain. I'm concerned as his mother and only hope that he can learn to properly deal with his feelings. I know that he is a good kid and has a big heart. He has so much potential for good... just missing my sweet little boy.

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  1. aaah I hope he found his happy button! by the way I LOVE Your quote!!! SO TRUE!!! Should be my motto...and every mom's!! haha