DAY 255


“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” Henry Van Dyke


Today was Pokey's first day of ice skating lessons. She's been begging, so here goes. It's only a 6 week session and I think by then she will be more than ready for the next level. Little Man had soccer pictures and his first game of the season today. I just learned that he is in U10 and his friends from school are in U11. This is the first time that I've noticed his age being an issue. This is only our 2nd year with AYSO and it turns out they have an Aug 1st deadline for birthdays. Little Man's falls on Aug 8th. So, most of the kids on Little Man's team are 8 or 9 and range from 2nd-4th grades. He's 10 and in 5th grade and is unable to play or compete with his friends. At today's game he got one goal and one assist and 10 or 12 close ones. The problem is his skill level is not the same as most of the kids on his team, so there wasn't back up he needed. Total bummer. If I'd known sooner I'd have contested it and I'm sure he could have been in the U11 league. Lesson learned. Haldan's trying to convince me that he'll be fine. Still not there. It seems life is full of lessons these days. Some more painful than others.

I love the above picture because the opposing #35 really is as big as he looks and Little Man showed no fear.

In other news:

  • Haldan participated in another fishing tournament today near Dubuque. He caught a 16 in, 1.98 lb bass, a bluegill and a large northern pike that got away as he tried to bring it in the boat. I think he had a good time, but no fish were photographed. It was some much needed R&R after his last few grueling weeks of stress with the studying and exams... and it's not over yet.
  • Little Man has declared that he wants to play tackle football. I've been trying to avoid this for some time, mostly because I would like to preserve him. We checked into it and we've more than missed the cutoff for this season. Shucks. We'll have to wait and see it he still exhibits interest next year. Just a reminder, this is our 53 in, 60 lb 10 year old. Maybe as a running back or wide receiver? (I also found out that flag football ends in 4th grade here.)


  1. Michael has been dying to go ice skating, I need to just do it and take him. Bummer about soccer for Connor, hopefully it will all be for the best though. It was great getting to chat on Wednesday!

  2. haha You make me laugh! (in regards to the Shucks comment) Although, I am SOOOO with you on the tackle football thing...I'm not sure I can even picture or want to see Kason attempting it...even though we have a few more years to go before I have to cross that bridge! That's a shame about him not being with the kids from his grade!! That's really rough, I think , they should have the cut off the same as the school's so that the kiddos have a chance to play with their classmates...only makes sense to me!! I hope pokey likes ice skating lessons! You'll have to keep us up to date on how that goes! :)