Project Alicia

Monday, September 14, 2009

DAY 257


"Candy corn is the only candy in the history of America that's never been advertised. And there's a reason. All of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911." -Lewis Black

It's the candy corn curse! The second we saw it at the store Little Man had to have it. I told him maybe next time, that if we got it this early we'd all be sick of it by Halloween. But then it was on sale at my next visit and I couldn't resist. We've had a jar of it in the kitchen for 2 days and it's magically disappearing. They are so naughty and delicious... maybe next time I should opt for the individualized packets.

In other news:
  • Haldan and I ran 5K today. So, I've finally made it over the hump again. It's been a while now. I have no intentions of ever doing a marathon, but would like to be able to run 5 miles without dying... I think a good goal for anyone.

  • Haldan helped Lisa Jarbo change her flat tire today since her husband is away in AR. Haldan wasn't so sure about the stow and go after trying to get that spare tire from under the car. (To make it worse it was right prior to work so he was in his dress clothes.) Sorry you didn't make the POTD slot. But I do have to say I've never seen any tires quite that bad in my life. She's lucky they lasted as long as they did. I've seen thread baren, but these had metal exposed all the way around. Ok, you have to see it for yourself. The good news is that she managed to make it to the tire store before the other one blew.



  1. (With my head shaking) Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. :) When are they moving?

  2. So glad lisa was safe! And had you guys to count on!!!