DAY 264


"If you’re attacking, you don’t get as tired as when you’re chasing." -Unknown

Little Man had a good game tonight. He scored 7 of the 10 goals leading his team to victory and he only played in 2 quarters. The other team didn't have enough players so he actually played goalie for the other team one of the quarters. Seems a little strange to me that he actually prevented his team from getting goals. I guess it's better than a forfeit. It was rainy, but light- so they continued to play. Way to play a good game, Little Man!

In other news:
Pokey gave herself yet another hickey on her arm today. She tried to chalk it up to falling down, but there was no lying her way through this one. What are we going to do with her?

I cleaned up my fonts today and found a new favorite, which I used on this picture. It's called "rusted plastic" for those of you who care. Love the names they come up with.

I think I might have SAD, seasonal affective disorder. I've never been diagnosed, but this time every year I feel down. It's strange because I love everything about fall. Maybe it has more to do with the long winter ahead. It's been a rough couple weeks for me, but I'm trying to power through and stay busy. I think I need to keep running. I made it to the 4 mile mark last week and my goal is 5. Do-able. I think goal setting is key to a happier me, and the endorphins aren't such a bad thing either. Any other SAD sufferers? I welcome all advice.

Haldan's performance portion of his exam has begun. The written will be on Sept 29th (next Tues). Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Sorry no one else is commenting, so as your stalker I will.... I totally get S.A.D really bad, its just that I love the lazy days of summer spending time outside in the sun and water with my kids.... I like the fall a little and love Christmas, but then its just a long winter... I get almost depressed every fall and almost cry when I feel that brisk cold air coming... I don't know for sure why... I am tempted to move to some place that is super hot all year!! Anway still love your pictures and will be sad when you reach the end.... The leaf picture is beautiful, do you have leaves changing that drastically already?? It only seems like the very top of the mountains here are starting to change... Sorry I know I am some strange wierdo commenting but I like to know when people look at my blog so I thought you might as well....