Project Alicia

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DAY 266

You know you're tired when...

You fall asleep on the living room floor in the afternoon
and you only realize it when your husband takes a picture
and the camera's flash wakes you up.

I've not been sleeping well lately. I've woken up the last two nights in the middle of the night around 2AM and can't get back to sleep. Torture. Have you ever been so tired that it's felt painful?


  1. That is HILARIOUS! My question is, how did you end up on the floor in the first place. I don't often lay down to rest on the floor. Too funny. I hope you start sleeping better!

  2. Hello Alicia! I'm Andrea from Utah and I discovered your blog through my "Iowan" sister, Alison. I just wanted to tell you to hang in there with your 365 - you are doing a fantastic job!! I opted out last January when Alison begged me to do it and yes, now there are regrets. I will start in 2010! Have you seen Becky Higgins' blog lately? I wonder what she has up her sleeve? Somewhere on one of your posts, you asked for suggestions for photos. I may have a couple of ideas for you although I haven't seen all of your work for 2009. You can email me at

  3. oh I can so relate! This has been me this week I actually feel like I have the flu a little achy but I know I'm not sick just exhausted. Funny picture though C: Hope it gets better!!

  4. You must have been VERY tired. Hope you felt rested after your cat nap.

  5. Yes! I feel for you!!! I hope you get your sleep groove back!!!

  6. Well... I always like to see you in your family pictures, but this certainly would not be the way to make it happen! Hope you catch up on your sleep as well.

  7. I think that this is a classic picture.