DAY 270


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” -Og Mandino

Letting the children have household chores and responsibilities has been very challenging for me lately. Pokey had the dishes this week and she let them sit 3 days before she did them. I know these are invaluable lessons that need to be taught, yet it would be so much easier for me to just do it myself. After a few tears she got those dishes done and did a mighty fine job. I only hope that one day she will be a tidy homemaker by choice.

I had a comment this week in response to my picture idea inquiry. There's 95 days left and I'm running low on ideas. Andrea from Utah shared some great photo ideas. She suggested that I use "shots of everyday life in and around my home that we engage in on a regular basis". Thanks for all the ideas. I agree that it would be nice to have more pictures of my childhood to "trigger memories". So, this week I'm going to focus on more personal things. For privacy reasons I've tried to stay clear of certain kinds of photos, but I think it is a great idea to capture this moment in our life with a few pics of our sourroundings. They're not my favorite photos. I have a small home with low lighting and it seems these pictures never turn out like I'd like them to, but important all the same.

As for the "pregnancy scare"... I've had several comments regarding this now. I guess you could say a 9 year gap would make anyone a little crazed. My body has always worked like a clock, so when things are off by 6 days and you wake up nauseated in the middle of the night... you start adding up all of the other symptoms and get a little delirious. Haldan even had me drinking homemade parsley tea, which is nasty with honey in it by the way- I about gagged. I guess it's supposed to induce your cycle. Who knows if it actually works, but my mother would sure be proud. The important thing is that I am not pregnant. But it was an emotional roller coaster ride I'm glad to finally be off of.


  1. Oh wow! I went through something similar this week with my body just acting weird. I dont think I can really blog it since bowels were involved, but let's just say I know what it feels like to be Kason.
    I think its great that your kids do chores, and wow mom for not giving in and taking care of dishes after 3 days! I am not sure that I'd be as strong. I was just thinking if it were Makaya ,I'd probably make her do it, but then I realized that what lesson would she learn by that? I think though, we're going to start a chore chart tonight, because I really need them to be doing something!! haha

  2. Having my kids do chores is a hard task for me. I need to do better at making sure that they do them all the time and not let them slide by. The picture of Camille remindes me of of myself doing dishes at her age.