Salmon Nicoise Salad


A healthy one for ya; great year round. It comes from the Martha Stewart "Everyday Food" magazine. It's a little more than 30 minutes prep time due to all the ingredients, but most of it could be done ahead of time. Right click and save it, then print it on cardstock in 4x6 format. Enjoy.

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  1. I think I have only missed a couple days then I get on here and relize it's a lot more! I missed the pregnancy scare but I'm glad to hear it was a false alarm C: Sorry about the s.a.d. I'm afraid I can't relate to that one but I wish I had some helpful advice...although unhealthy for your skin I have heard tanning helps. I have had the flu this weekend so I've been in the dumps. Finally feeling a little better today. Hope I kick it before we head to Rena's this weekend. Wish you guys could be there too but understand why!!