DAY 274


A good day to be a duck...
(I actually about ran some over on the way to work today- they were blocking the road.)

I'm beginnning to worry a little about the fall foliage. It's been a bit wet lately and there needs to be some dry days to help bring out that beautiful color. Otherwise it'll be like those WA fall days. The maples, ash, and birch are turning, but that's about all.

I worked today and ended up doing lots of running around in the rain. Not such a pleasant day to be out and about, 50s and rainy. At times it poured buckets. We even had some afternoon thunder.

Since Haldan is done with his studying he finally put another shelf in the office for me. He decided to keep it like the standard closet shelf so that it's an easy transition from office to bedroom. Can't wait to fill up the space. One of my passions is organizing, so you can imagine how excited I was to come home and find this. It's hard in a small space to find room to organize scrapbooking and craft supplies, so this will be much more space efficient.


Pictures are getting harder and harder to get. (Lucky to have gotten any picture today.) I got off work, picked up the kids, got home a little after 4PM, listened to all the stories of the day, helped with homework, had a snack, realized we still hadn't gotten groceries, went to get groceries a little after 5PM. By the time I got out of Target it was after 6PM and dark. Luckily I had left over chicken noodle soup, which hit the spot on a day like today. Now I'm ready for a little R & R.

Has anyone watched the new Wednesday night comedies? So far totally disappointed with both Modern Family and Cougar Town. I think we missed the first Modern Family. Any thoughts?

Calendar to come soon. You can vote on your favorite picture of September now, I'm just a little behind.


  1. I told you behind again...finally making it! Trying to get through today! Anyway, I've missed the Wed comedies, was wondering about that Modern family....
    I was just thinking this week, I have TOO Many projects going on at once...and they're taking up space and driving me crazy with the mess, since i don't have a craft room. I really need to get one!!! Oh, but one day! :)

  2. What I meant to say: Enjoy your shelf!! :)