DAY 281


Cedar Rapids, home to Quaker Oats

I work downtown two days a week in the Iowa Realty building across from Quaker Oats. Today was a rainy morning as I parked my car. The entire city smelled of maple and brown sugar oatmeal. Last week there was one day that smelled just like captain crunch. The city has long been known as the city of five smells, but I thought you should know that sometimes they're not that bad, actually pleasant aromas.

I have to add that I was literally kicked off the Quaker Oat's premises today as I was attempting to get some photographs. I guess it's private property and they have a no photograph policy, which I think is a little ridiculous seeing that you can photograph the factory from almost anywhere downtown. I was asked for identification, written up, and escorted out of the visitor's parking lot. I told him I was just trying to take a picture of my city and he told me I could go across the street and take pictures from there. I ended up going to the boat ramp and shot a more wide angle. All for a building that's not even that impressive to look at.

Another little known piece of trivia is that Cedar Rapids is one of the few cities in the world with government offices on a municipal island, which is the precise reason it was flooded this last year.

Not too much else to report. This weather has me in a funk and I've been a little unproductive.


  1. haha so do you have a record or something with Q.O?? That's kind of funny. You need a press card I guess ;) I miss C.R.!! Love the picture for that reason! :)

  2. Look at all you're willing to do for your POTD! I love it. I agree that it was a little ridiculous that you can't take pictures in their parking lot. Maybe they thought you were a spy trying to steal oatmeal processing secrets.