DAY 295


Where do grasshoppers go when it rains?

Something I've never thought about until today. I was sitting helping Pokey with her neighborhood map project and she saw this grasshopper outside. It's been raining all day long and when I found him he was clinging to this tall piece of grass. I maneuvered the grass a bit to try to get a picture without getting myself drenched in the process and he never moved.

So then I did what I do when I'm curious, I googled it. The answer: They perch themselves on a tall piece of grass so as to not get drowned by the rain. Their legs can easily get stuck in the mud. Still not quite clear what happens to them in the winter months though. I read they winter over as eggs (whatever that means) but just exactly how eggs or nymphs get through the winter months is unclear. Any braniacs out there?

The weather in Iowa is back to the cold, rainy days and seems to be a trend for some time to come. It only got to the low 40s today and was miserable to contend with. I did lots of errands in the rain. Uggh. Missing my beautiful sunny days in the 70s.

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  1. I love how you google everything!! I do it too! So nice to have info at your fingertips! Your grasshop pic is pretty cool!! I am now itching even more for a good camera! I noticed today when I downloaded all our pics from the camera, that I had to doctor all of them due to coloring. I think that that's enough of an excuse for a new camera, don't you? haha Now if only Alan will see it my way ;) haha Let's hope that winter is short!