DAY 297


"Family tradition is the glue that binds."

... even when it involves scooping out the innards of a pumpkin. Every year we go to the pumpkin farm, carefully select our pumpkins, and then spend hours carving them. This year was the first year that the children did almost all of it themselves. Pokey did the lite-brite set and Little Man designed his very own pumpkin pattern in a shape of a cat. He refused to use a pre-fabricated pattern and his design was very intricate and time consuming to say the least. Once we were done with it they both agreed to do the Mr. Potato Head kits that I got on clearance last year. They were all done within 15 minutes... no scooping gooey stuff or mess or anything. I would totally love to do that every year, but the children had lots of fun with the other and I was reminded that it is a family tradition. We also had one of our pumpkins stolen tonight by some kids on a pumpkin smashing mission. It ended up in a billion pieces down at our neighbor's house. Why in the world kids think it's cool to steal people's pumpkins and destroy them is beyond me. It was our cute white one Pokey picked out. I think it must have happened while we were carving our other ones. So, I guess it was good timing. Otherwise they probably would have taken more.


  1. fun times, That sucks they stole your pumpkin. i never did get that either. at least it wasn't the ones your kids worked so hard on C:

  2. I want to see how their pumpkins turned out! :)

  3. cute picture! so you saw jay's baby pic....what do you mean what's up with it?? i mean he had a few flaws, but all baby's are cute-right?!