Project Alicia

Monday, November 02, 2009

DAY 306


“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” Orison Swett Marden

Have you ever felt like there was some sort of a dark cloud looming over you or perhaps you were in the twilight zone? That's exactly how today felt for me...

I watched Jerin for my friend Lisa today. It was sort of a last minute thing. Half hour in Jerin takes off his pants and I noticed a very pungent odor. A few minutes later it's become obvious that this is the motherload. It was hanging way low, starting to ooze out the side, and smelled almost like vomit. I went to get a diaper, but couldn't find the diaper bag. I thought for sure it had to be somewhere because Jerin had a sippy cup. We searched a couple more minutes until I realized there was no diaper bag or diaper for that matter. By then Jerin had climbed into the tub and I thought, "Ok, maybe he could be contained in there for a while." Unfortunately it was short lived and he climbed right back out and started running around the house wanting to sit on my furniture. So, I'm racking my brain... what in the world could I put on this kid? It's been 8 years since I've had kids now and not only is my house not exactly toddler proof, I definitely don't have a diaper. I called my friend, Lisa, but she didn't answer and I left some sort of a message. Then I called my mom in a panic. "Help me think of something that I can use as a diaper." She reminded me that before disposable diapers people used cloth ones... so I used my ingenuity and devised a plan. Luckily I'd just purchased a small wet wipes container for my purse a couple days ago, so I dug those out and then grabbed a kitchen towel, the closest size I could think of to a cloth diaper. It didn't work all that great though, so I had to use 4 large safety pins. I also decided to put a plastic Target bag over it for added protection. Jerin was extra unhappy and squirmy, I'm sure it was mostly because of his sore bum, so the holes for his legs turned out slightly skewed. I thought it was ingenious. He climbed up on the couch and that's when I decided to lay a small blanket under him. While he was laying there I ran back to the bathroom to scrub the poop smears out of the tub. Minutes later when I got back to Jerin I realized that my ingenious diaper contraption wasn't all that swell after all. It looked like he had started to pee and then climbed down. There was pee all over the blanket, down the side of the couch, and he was standing in a puddle on my carpet and rug. Then Jerin started to scream. I'm sure it felt pretty uncomfortable. I let out a large sigh, took off all his clothes, and then put him in the tub to soak-which is where he stayed for the next 20 minutes or so until Lisa got back. Once he was situated I went to attend to the pee. Unfortunately we don't subscribe to the paper and we had just used up all of our penny savers for pumpkin carving last week, so I had to resort to magazines as pee absorbers. Not exactly ideal. Whew! What a morning.

Unfortunately my obstacles didn't stop there. Highlights of my day include: nearly breaking my neck attempting to take the ghosts out of the tree on a wobbly ladder, having the electricity shut off at Wal-Mart (my least favorite place) right as I was about to check out with a full shopping cart, having a shelf fall on my head as I was trying to remove a rake from the shed, waiting 20 minutes on the phone to talk to a person to pay a bill only to hear a machine repeatedly say "we did not understand your request" as I'm shouting my answers at the top of my lungs and then hung up on, having guniea pig crap fall all down the front of me as I was trying to assist Little Man with cleaning the cage, getting Pokey to ice skating 5 minutes late only to learn she didn't have socks, finding out the colored chalk doesn't show up on the chalkboard- the entire reason I went to Wal-Mart in the first place... to name a few. There's been moments today that I could have seriously lost it, but I'm happy to report that I still have my sanity intact and that I win!!

Haldan left yesterday for a week in Atlanta and I thought he'd be happy to know that we miss him.


  1. hope you don't mind, but put this on my blog cause it's of jerin....and is a hilarious story (for me, not the time.) maybe it's funny now?? maybe tomorrow will be better...well, if work + rain = good day. sorry, that didn't help, let's shoot for a good day wednesday!!

  2. me the way, 3 and 20 are my favorites. and for nature....22!

  3. Hope you have a better day today. Why is it always hectic when husbands are gone? Let me know if you need anything.

  4. lol i dont even know what to say! hope your day looks up tomorrow :D

  5. I'm sorry it was one of THOSE days!! Eventually it'll seem a little more funny, but way to go to keep your sanity intact especially without your anchor! (That's what Alan is to me...he is my way of escaping the craziness of life). I couldn't help but laugh though about the diaper thing...only because I'm sure we've all been THERE sometime in our life...ours happened to be in the car on a long drive through NM on our way back to UT. Believe me...I feel for you!! :) I'm sure Lisa had a chuckle though :) haha Hope you have a better day coming!! :)

  6. Holy crap! (pun intended) Ryan's out of town this week, too. But I haven't had any disasters...YET!!

  7. Mauro was out of town for the last part of the week. I too laughed at the diaper thing...but I feel for you....Sorry it was sucha crazy day!