DAY 308


"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." Author Unknown

It's getting harder and harder to get photos with the natural light. It seems to be almost too dark to take pics at 4:30 PM now, particularly on cloudy days. So, this is what I got today. I don't think I've used the house as a POTD before. Too bad though because I'm sure it would photograph better in other seasons.

In other news:

The kid's dental appointments went very well, clean bill of health. Fast and painless.

Pokey enjoyed activity days tonight. It was a night with mom and I wasn't really feeling much up to it. She painted my nails an interesting color.

My jaw seems to get worse when I try to chew or talk too much, so trying my best to limit those activities. It's hard though. We use our mouth much more than we think.

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  1. Your house is cute no matter what! :) Is there nothing else you can do for your TMJ?? I'm sorry, I hope it clears out soon!