DAY 310


“I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me..." Virginia Satir

We tried a new hair style on Pokey today. It didn't turn out perfect, but a fun style. Maybe this should be for crazy hair day next year. I took the idea from one of my favorite fellow bloggers here. ( If you are in need of some new hair styles for your daughters, you should check out this blog here. (
Another favorite. It would appear that the blog is currently having technical difficulties, but it has great ideas. Definitely worth a look.

The other photo of Pokey was a must for today. She has recently taken to making these "fortune tellers" as she calls them. I don't remember calling them that, but I do remember making them as a kid. She has tons of them and she constantly wants to tell me my fortune. It's still very cute. I'm sure in a week it will start getting annoying.

In other news: I've almost survived the week. Haldan returns home late tonight. My jaw is still very sore, but appears to be on the mend so long as I keep nsaids going and don't talk or chew.


  1. Cute hair! :) I love the new looks out! :) And the fortune tellers...good memories! haha Glad to know some of the "classics" don't die out! :) (rolling socks one of matter how hideous! haha) So glad H is coming home tonight!!! Hope you guys will be able to celebrate your anniversary!!! :)

  2. Cute hair! I'll have to check the sites out, now that Cailin's hair os getting longer. Congrats on your anniversary!