DAY 311


"An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow." Author Unknown

Nothing special this year. I made Haldan a list of "17 memories for 17 years" and he brought me home a box of glazed pecans from GA. Love them, so very sweet. We went out to Biaggi's tonight. I thought I might be able to eat pasta, but the bow tie noodles were a little tough on my jaw. (Thanks Tom & Marilyn for the gift.) We wanted to go to a movie, but couldn't find anything worth seeing. I would have watched a couple of the scary ones, but it's not Haldan's thing. So, instead we went to his favorite place- TJMaxx. We walked, talked and spent 4 1/2 hours without kids. It was fun. What can I say? We're old and lame. We tried to have Little Man snap some photos of us before we left, but they were all blurry. So, we resorted to our waitress and this is what we got. Not my favorite, but out of options tonight. It was a gorgeous day here today. 70 and sunny. Wonderful! So, we aired out the house, cleaned out the garage, and did some spring cleaning on this beautiful fall day.

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