DAY 314


"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

So, Little Man has expressed interest in playing the guitar. I decided it would be the perfect Christmas gift. I saw a great (50% off) packaged deal in a Target ad, but when we found it we realized it was a very large guitar and probably not suitable for a small 10 year old. It was then that we realized we knew nothing about acoustic guitars, so we stopped by Music Go Round today to ask some experts. We were right in our assumptions- size is important. A 3/4 size seems to be a perfect fit for him.

He's a funny little boy. He is so easily influenced. It seems every year with each new teacher comes a new habit. In 3rd grade he started walking with his hands behind his back because that's what his teacher did. For some reason this habit disturbed Haldan and it was only after school was out that the habit dissipated. 4th grade was especially grating to me - Little Man picked up a very obnoxious habit from his teacher. He mouthed words while we were talking to him, perhaps in anticipation of what we were going to say (not sure), but it's a habit that has been hard to kick and I still find him doing occasionally, even after an entire summer has passed. This year Little Man has a teacher that plays the guitar. He incorporates his music into teaching. They've learned cute little jingles to almost every different grammar rule. He's had a lot of fun learning them and being timed on his memorization of them... a fun way to learn. Needless to say, this is where his infatuation for the guitar comes from. Not such a bad thing, at least not yet. As I watched him hold that guitar today I realized that most of his teachers have been good influences in his life in one way or another. Children can be so impressionable. They soak up the quirky little habits, but also the good.

On another note, Pokey asked me the other day how she can become famous. I asked her why she would want that. After several days of thought she told me that she's not sure that being famous would be that great because she would always have to look good and people follow you and take your picture all the time. She's still been writing music lyrics and songs like a crazy person, but maybe more just for fun now. When she sings her songs they are mostly all one or two notes except for a really high one thrown in here or there. I'll have to try to capture it on video one of these days. Her Halloween song was hilarious. Her fashion sense has been exceptionally painful for me lately. I realize that she's only 8 and this is but the beginning of a long road of clashing taste in clothing. She's been in tears multiple days over clothing choices. Luckily Haldan was around yesterday before ice skating to help her find something a little warmer and not so loud. I'm trying really hard to let this battle go, but I still have my moments...

They are so full of personality- original, stubborn, bright, quirky, witty, funny, sensitive... and I am trying to allow them to be themselves while leading them in the right direction and oft times it seems they overlap and it's hard to know how to be the best parent I can be.

Yesterday we finally got the H1N1 vaccinations. It was after much deliberation on my part. I know there have been contradicting views and opinions. I have done my research and felt like as a parent it was the right thing for my kids. Little Man has started exhibiting his annual pre-asthma symptoms and I know that it can create complications should he get the virus. After carefully weighing the risks with and the risks without the shot I decided to do it. Pokey got the flu mist.

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