DAY 316


"Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise." -George Washington Carver

I've been in a bit of a creative rut so to speak... I look around the landscape outside my windows and see barren, colorless trees and wonder what in the world I can portray as beautiful today. Another 49 days to go...

The children's student led parent teacher conferences went fine. It still bothers me that they are "student led", but for the most part everything was very predictable. Little Man is gifted intellectually in every subject and is currently in a special advanced reading program and a math league, but still struggles with behavioral issues. His teacher accepts him exactly as he is and embraces his quirks and intellect and allows him to do alternate work and projects that challenge him. My concern is that subsequent teachers may not be this tolerant or accepting of him. He was recently asked to be the 5 Live News anchor man at their school. They had to apply and be interviewed for the position and he is excited about his coveted position. Pokey is a social butterfly with very little desire for most things relating to academics. She's average in that department, which is fine by her. She is a wonderful speller and reader though and enjoys writing stories. I'm happy to announce that the neighborhood map that I helped her with a couple weeks ago received a perfect score. I think they are very unique children and I'm proud of their efforts.

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  1. beautiful pic....only 49 days to can do it!! and yes, as amanda posted on my blog, they came over to help us fix our bathroom they just so happened to be there! plus, jerin was under the you wouldn't have come anyways! jerin was SOOO NOT into his b.d., he didn't even get it...poor baby!
    see you sunday!