DAY 318


a. The act of confusing or the state of being confused
b. An instance of being confused

There appears to be some confusion with the weather lately. It's November and yet the children are scootering outside in short sleeved shirts, there is green grass everywhere, and some of my plants think it's spring (see below). Yet, there are barely any leaves left on the trees out there. We had spring rains in October, a short cold spell, and now when you'd expect it to be freezing it's been jacket weather at most, even for me. If this is global warming, I'm loving it (and hoping it sticks around).


In other news:
The children are venturing into uncharted territory. Last night Pokey was on the phone for almost an hour with a friend and she had several friends calling her. Are we already there? She's only eight. Little Man started making videos with his camera today. I think he made 7. Some of them were pretty funny. I'll have to download the lego one he set to music. They are both having some serious attitude too. Pokey does this head swinging thing with her mouth all funny when she's being sassy and Little Man is constantly correcting my vocabulary. He told me tonight I should have used the word skimming rather than browsing, when in fact I meant browsing... Seriously? I'm constantly reminding him that I am his mother and have more schooling and life experiences than him. Very disrespectful. I asked Haldan when this happened and what we did wrong. No answers. Still looking for the right solutions. Sigh. Parenting is so exhausting.

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