DAY 324


“Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy.” -Janet Long

I watched Twilight on Blue-Ray from 8-10PM. Then I ended up with tickets for the 12:01 AM showing of Twilight: New Moon due to a series of blonde moments. I arrived an hour early and it's totally nuts. The line is out the door and that's just to get into the show. I still need to claim my ticket. I'm standing in line surrounded by hordes of people having flashbacks to the concert I passed out at and got trampled (long story) all the while thinking, "these people are crazy." Then it suddenly dawned on me... I was one of them, whether I'm a die hard fan or not. Thanks Amanda for saving seats. It was a fun night with the girls. (Wendy, Devon, Lisa, Amanda, Pam) What makes the story even crazier is the fact that I actually went again today with another friend (Tycia) because we already had plans to go. Yes, I saw New Moon twice in less than 12 hours. I actually liked it better the 2nd time around too. So, to quote myself from facebook, "I'm officially a hypocritical, Twilight nut case and I haven't even read the books." Now I'm debating whether I should get them. But, I'm going to have to sleep on it 'cause I'm feeling a bit tired.

In other news:

The sun made a debut here today. It was wonderful! So, for those of you who have been a little deprived lately... I'm sending some sunny thoughts your way. And a picture to tide you over. (Can't you just feel the warmth?)


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  1. haha I love your New moon post!! I would have thought the same thing, "Look all these people are crazy"...and it would have slowly dawned on me that I was one too. :) Glad you guys got together to go :) You definitely need to read the books :)