DAY 326


"Femininity appears to be one of those pivotal qualities that is so important no one can define it." Caroline Bird

Pokey has taken to writing lately... anything and everything. She made Haldan a "get better soon" card today because his back is out. We have the computers set up to print from anywhere in the house. Having said that, I was sitting in the office last night when I heard the printer start up. Out comes a note that reads, "This will be the best Thanksgiving ever I know it Just still love me if I make a wrong choice." She doesn't use punctuation very often and she always chooses very girly type fonts (mostly cursive) that are very hard to read. She's something else. She also loves writing lyrics to music and stories right now. Anything that little mind of hers can thing of... but it's all very different than what Little Man concocts. Sweet and feminine.