DAY 327 (Thankful #2 & #3)


So, I'm a day behind on Becky's week of Thanksgiving via picture tribute, so I decided to combine. There weren't just two things that stuck out, so I decided to do a random collage for days 2 and 3. These are the things that I am most thankful for today.

1. Re-reading a great book with the kids. Love this one. It is a story of love told from the perspective of a rabbit. Very sweet.

2. Smiles and silliness.

3. Magic eraser and soft scrub spray cleaner (a new favorite). They have both saved me on numerous occasions, particularly the magic eraser. I am also thankful for the ability and time to keep a clean house. Thanks mom and dad for being such great examples and teachers.

4. A handwritten note in the mail from a dear old friend. What a wonderful surprise.

5. A fridge filled with food. We are blessed to have plenty and then some.

6. Super Target. Love that store. I am able to find unbelievable clearance deals year round.

7. Knee length tube socks. Perfect for cold days in Iowa.

8. Beautiful sunsets.

9. A wonderful husband who loves to be in the kitchen (even with a bum back). He made portuguese kale soup tonight.

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