Free Christmas Cards

I actually did this and it works - 100 free Christmas cards! You do have to pay shipping, which turns out to be $6.38 ($3.19 for 50). I already designed two different cards, but this was too good a deal to pass up. It includes the envelopes too. Every year I spend way more than I should on ink and envelopes and then still have to pay for shipping. My husband will be so proud of my frugality.

It's only good through November 30, 2009, so you need to act fast! If you're not planning to send out Christmas cards this year, you could use these as gift tags. Or use the codes to create birth announcements. Or come up with another creative idea for these totally free photo cards!

Here's how to get 100 custom photo cards with envelopes for free: Just go here to set up an account with SeeHere (or login if you already have an account) and then upload and create your photo card. After you've set up your photo card, be sure to save it. Then put 50 photo cards in your cart and go to the checkout and use coupon code newbaby and you'll get all 50 free cards, you pay $3.19 shipping. Log back in and click on your saved items and order another 50 photo cards this time using the coupon code from Freebies4Mom here. (I used freebies4mom-1109) Again, you should get 50 more free photo cards, you pay $3.19 shipping. And that's it!

Need some custom address labels to go with the photo cards? Order 140 herefor only $3 shipped


  1. that's exciting. don't think I'll be able to do it in time. But it'd be nice to save all the money in cards. I have already done wedding and new baby this year!! aaahh! Don't think I'll have my cd of pics back yet in time and I may get more done by my friends mom to use for my cards. What a good deal!!!!!!! I'm upset!! Maybe I'll make it work somehow

  2. OMG!! I'm so flipping excited!!! I just picked up my pic cd and make an xmas card and got 50 for free!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!