Silouette Tutorial


This tutorial is from Alison. Thanks so much, very inspirational.

1. Photograph your subject, in profile, with a digital camera. Your camera should be on the same level as your subject. Try to shoot against a pure white background: this makes it easier to digitally remove the background later on. Hang a white sheet and used some lights behind.

2. Open your photo in Photoshop. With the Magic Wand tool, select the (preferably white) background for removal. Once clicked, the background will be outlined and highlighted, go to 'edit,' and select 'cut.' The background will disappear.

3. Go to 'image,' and select 'adjustments.' Select 'desaturate:' this removes all color. Also in 'adjustments,' select 'brightness/contrast.' Both lower the brightness, and increase the contrast: your image will take on the form of a silhouette. If your picture hasn't fully silhouetted, fill in the rest of the figure with black, or another color, using the Paintbucket tool.

4. Use the brush tool to shape the shoulder area. Use the magic wand tool to select the silhouette. Then cut and copy it into new canvas and add some text!

If you have them done professionally they are quite pricey. You can see them here. Worth a try if you have photoshop.

This is my rough draft. Still trying to figure out how to cut and copy to a new canvas.


  1. That is GREAT! I couldn't do it but, that is really neat.

  2. i am loving it! such a darling profile . . . the thing i think i love the most about these are those sweet little faces - you would know them anywhere from a silouhette profile. great work!

  3. My friend did this same thing with her kids but then she traced the silhouttes onto (plain white) fabric. Then she cut those out and fused them onto another piece of fabric (that had a different pattern) and put them in a frame and they were really cute as well :)

  4. I always wondered how people do the silhouettes! I love this! Will have to give it a try soon. Thanks!