DAY 336


"Light is good from whatever lamp it shines." -Author Unknown

My apologies for those of you that got that strange blog post via email. It just proves my multi-tasking limitations and that blogspot might be possessed sometimes. Today was windy and cold. Too bad the lights didn't go up yesterday when it was 20 degrees warmer, but Haldan doesn't seem to be phased by the cold quite like I am.... the precise reason I didn't take very many photos. (He's in a sweatshirt and I'm in a coat with chattering teeth and can't feel my fingers.) He did a lovely job with the lights and I didn't even have to hint or prod to get it done this year.

In other news: Nick left today. His stay was prolonged because he came down with the flu. He slept pretty much all day yesterday. Lysol has been my friend. I only hope we don't get sick from the toxic fumes. After a morning of extreme vertigo I finally went to see the doc and I guess it's another sinus infection... tis the season, right?

Happy Belated Birthday Mark. I had intentions to call you yesterday multiple times and my day got away from me.

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