DAY 345 (20 days left)


"Traditions define us as families." -Mark Kennedy

Every year we do the "advent calendar" in one way or another. We've had different ones over the years. Some were the pop up ones with candy enclosed. Others were magnetic with scripture verses to read daily. We even made a puzzle one that the kids got to take a piece off daily to reveal a picture. We got this one a couple years ago now. We have been filling it with candy. This year I got some really fancy candies and the kid's thought they were disgusting. So I bought new and made sure to have a wider variety. I've decided that next year I'd like to open it in the morning and have an activity for the day inside.... to give us direction and focus. Wrap gifts, make a gingerbread house, visit Santa, read a scripture, etc. We also have read a story every night to go along with it in the past, but this year we are not getting to it nightly. Life is so busy. I told them we were really going to focus on that the last 12 days, which is fast approaching.

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  1. I love the look of advent calendar's but in the hustle and bustle of life we neglect things like that. Can you believe there is only 11 more days till Christmas? Where has the time flown?