DAY 358


"The true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart." -The Polar Express

This was by far my favorite Christmas Eve I can remember... in just the company of my little family.

We all slept in and then we went to lunch at Granite City. I got their chicken salad. It had a slightly smoky flavor, was served on focacia, and delish. The kids ate nothing, as usual.

The kids and I did more baking together when we got home so we had cookies for Santa. We listened to my favorite Amy Grant Christmas cd and the kids didn't fight.

We had our traditional Christmas Eve soup, except I opted not to do clam chowder because I've had my fill of seafood lately. Sorry, Haldan. Although he did actually buy some king crab legs which I'm sure we'll have next week.

We watched Polar Express in 3-D. I got an amazing deal at Target on Black Friday. It came with the regular DVD, 3-D DVD, and 4 3-D glasses. The roller coaster scene made my stomach churn just like when we watched it at the IMAX. Totally sweet movie with a heart felt message. I love it.

We read Luke 2 with the kids and discussed our nativity and the true meaning of Christmas.

Then we opened our Christmas pajamas. Haldan got me some juicy couture long socks, which I can't wait to wear.

I attempted to get a Christmas Eve pic with the kids, which didn't really turn out- memorable moments nonetheless.

The kids put out cookies and milk for Santa and then Haldan read The Night Before Christmas.


It couldn't have been a more perfect day.

Happy Christmas Eve to all. May you remember the reason for the season as you celebrate this joyous time with your family and friends.

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  1. I think sometimes the goofy pictures are more memorable than the ones that go as expected. Sounds like a great day!