Are you prepared?

I'm not the most prepared person in the world, but when it comes to this I feel very passionate about it. I actually put the kit together a couple years ago. It was pre-snow tire days and I had many instances when I would get stuck or not be able to get up my hill. You've all heard about the ocassional story when the weather will get so bad they shut down highways. Well, if you live in Iowa or anywhere that there are negative temps in the winter months, this is something you should at least consider. It gives me peace of mind to know I can keep my kids safe.

I did a display at a Preparedness Fair a while back, so I put together a list of everything in the tote. Yes, I keep it in the back of my car at all times from November-March.


Emergency Winter Car Kit

-chains or traction mats
-kitty litter or sand for traction on snow or ice
-fix a flat inflater and sealer spray
-tow rope may help get you out of a winter weather bind or you might be able to help a fellow motorist
-road flares provide 10 minutes of high visibility
-tool kit
-collapsible snow shovel to scrape snow away from tires
-jumper cables to restart engine
-ice scraper/ snow brush to clear windshield
-fuel line or door lock de-icer
-first aid kit also pack medications incase you are stuck on the road (bad weather may delay emergency workers)
-towel to protect floors or dry off
-duct tape can temporarily fix a broken windshield wiper, hold glass together, mend a hose, serve as a temporary gas cover, etc.
-flashlight check batteries often; batteries lose power quicker in cold (also consider light sticks or hand crank/ shake no battery flashlight)
-pocket knife
-AM/FM radio to listen to traffic reports or emergency messages
-blanket/ foot or body warmers great if you get stalled in cold weather
-warm clothes scarves, gloves, hats, boots, and heavy jacket or coat
-umbrella/ rain ponchos
-activities for children include games, books, pen, paper, and/or scriptures
-diapers or change of clothes for children
-wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet tissue
-food pack items containing protein such as nuts or energy bars or canned food with can opener
-bottled water bring enough for each person in your car and any pets
-fully charged cell phone/ charger
-gas in car keep at least ½ tank at all times
-money ($5 cash/ change) for emergencies


  1. I have been feeling prompted to make one of these. I have yet to do it but, thank you for the reminder.

  2. I think you are super smart to do this! When we were in Iowa, I had a semi-emergency kit. It was one we bought, but it could have used a lot of add-ins.

  3. K_ I have been lurking.I am coming out. Amanda and the Petersons know me :) I am not sure how I even got to your blog in the first place honestly, something about free prints in November. I just have really enjoyed your posts over the past few days and wanted to tell you so. I am also doing P365 and ProjLife. So if it's okay with you, I will continue to peruse. Now I can feel better that I am outed on your blog!

  4. S Rizzle... I can't figure out how to contact you, so I'm writing this in the hopes that maybe you will check back. I have had many anonymous followers over the last year. Some have "come out" while others haven't. I'm glad you chose to not be anonymous, although I would love to see some of your work too, particularly your p365. Feel free to pop in any time and peruse.

  5. So smart of anyone to be totally prepared for anything. I know for sure it is absolutely no fun whatsoever to be stuck in a deep snow with a car load of hungry kids, the world enveloped in a blinding white snow and nothing moving or a car in sight!! But that was "back in the day" when I was such a young mama I had to grow up with my kids (only thing is, they grew up first). I learned preparedness the hard way!!