Turns out I misunderstood what Becky Higgin's Digital books were going to be like. I assumed the digital stuff would be like the downloads that were available last year (and maybe they will still have that too?) But great news for those of you who haven't yet got the paper kit or think it sounds like too much work. She will have a digital template available online that you can literally just plug in your text and photos (like shutterfly or snapfish, etc) The photo is an example of what it will look like should you choose to make one. It looks very similar to the design of the regular kit. Wish I'd known about this earlier!

To learn more, stay tuned to beckyhiggins.com or go here. She says, "Everyone will be able to build a book online and play around with it for FREE. No obligation. Should you choose to print a book, then you can pay for that. But if you get in there and play around and decide it's not for you, there's nothing to lose. You just don't follow-through with printing. And you pay nothing at all."

Don't know prices yet, but definitely worth a looksy.

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